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Integrative Health is whole-person health. Encompassing body, breath, science, and mind, it places you in the center of your health and well-being. The comprehensive perspective of Integrative Health can drive health behavior in lifestyle choice and action that optimizes health and wellness. In a lifestyle approach to health and wellness, Integrative Health Coaching can empower personal Health Behavior Change to positively impact health and wellness. Integrative Health Clients identify where they are now and where theyʼd like to be. Integrative Health Coaches are healthcare professionals, partnering with their clients in making that happen.

Meet Cheryl

“I’m an Integrative Health Coach. I am fascinated in our ability to feel, sense, and respond in health and wellness. I coach a lifestyle approach of Health Behavior Change to optimize health and wellness. Conveying insight into accountability, my coaching supports my clients in their self-discovered empowerment to generate positive Health Behavior Change. I coach an evidence-based process model as trained at Duke Integrative Medicine. I coach each client on a personal level, customizing each coaching partnership with agreements that best support my client’s Health Behavior Change.”



Optimizing whole-person health in the warmth of human connection, OpenMind Integrative Health Coaching is a lifestyle approach to health and well-being. Through inquiry and reflective exploration, develop a comprehensive perspective for your optimal health. Identify concerns, establish focus areas, evaluate levels of priority, to take action steps initiating your Health Behavior Change that increases health and well-being. I coach my Integrative Health Clients along the process of making the change from where they are to where they’d like to be.


Optimizing health in the context of daily life takes perspective, motivation, planning, and confidence. It may take Integrative Health Coaching. My coaching is based on the positive power of Health Behavior Change. I coach my clients’ self- discovered empowerment of lifestyle choice, behavior, and action. My coaching is based on the Wheel of Health from Duke Integrative Medicine. Discover more of your potential for affirmative action. Clarify personal values and prioritize goals to live a life of health and wellness. Optimal Health is its own reward. Have you discovered yours?



Why Integrative Health?

Why Integrative Health? I had skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. It is common and

Why Integrative Health Coaching?

Why Integrative Health Coaching? My doctor told me I was getting old. He sat there well-composed, across from me behind his grand mahogany desk.

Why expressive art?

Courage. Courage and some unlearning on my part. I was not an artist. I know this because I was told so in first

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