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a lifestyle approach to wellbeing



Optimizing health and wellness in the warmth of human connection, OpenMind is a lifestyle approach to wellbeing. Focusing on the uniqueness of the individual, we invite embodied learning through yogic movement, expressive art, and meditative wisdom. Exploring inner resources we focus on discovered capacities of restoration and renewal. Informing new embodied self-awareness, we engage in a direct relationship with the basis of wellbeing.

Meet Cheryl

“I am fascinated in our capacity to learn and our living biological structures for growth. In a multidisciplinary approach, OpenMind is my studio space to explore our human ability to feel, sense, connect and respond in health and wellness. My interest is in positive relationship. My work models a dynamic systems view of relational engagement; and my approach employs conscious attention, behavior, and choice through applied neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections – to enhance health and wellbeing.”



In the yogic philosophy “to place in a certain way”, I am interested in exploratory relationships, inquiring into our sense of well-being. Movement, touch, weight, and gravity, are important ways of exploring relational acts of sensing, feeling, and responding along direct physiological sensation.


What is your sense of well-being? How is it that you grow and learn? Is there movement, connection and purpose alive in your daily life? What are your personal discoveries of embodied self-awareness?



Why Integrative Health Coaching?

Why Integrative Health Coaching? My doctor told me I was getting old. He sat

Why expressive art?

Courage. Courage and some unlearning on my part. I was not an artist. I know this because I was told so in first

Why Yogic Movement?

Safety. My search for safety set me firmly on this path. How do people feel safe? How do they find safety? These were


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